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Christina Nguyen. aka CHI. Female. No soda. 12/27/10 <3. Have a nice day, Tootles.


Anonymous said: what do you want to major in?

Right now I’m leaning towards pharmaceutical sales

Anonymous said: how do you find jobs so easily?

Honestly, it may seem that way but it is NOT easy at all. I’ve applied to soooo many places (40-50 places or even more). You don’t see all of the behind the scene work or me filling out apps and apply to different jobs. I have a success rate of 1 in 10 or 10% of places that actually give me a call back. 

Anonymous said: are you still doing tennis?

No I am not. I’ve lost the passion for it. I don’t enjoy being on the courts. I dread going to practice, playing. After each practice i think to myself “why am i here?” Sports are supposed to make you relaxed, put you at ease but instead of just furious and frustrated.  

Anonymous said: what are you going to major in? what do you want to be when you grow up?

oh man, this is a toughy! I have a range of majors I’m interested in such as: Genetics, Pediatrician, developmental psychology, medical sales, marketing…

yeah…I WANT TO MAKE LOTS AND LOST OF $$$$$$$$$$! that’s what i want when i grow up :P

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